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Why UAC Custom Rolled®?

Learn how UAC tm Custom Rolled ® Aluminum Coils

can make a difference and improve yields

Order the gauge you need. You are not limited to “stock” gauges. Using the lightest gauge possible improves your yields. Because every order of Aluminum is Custom Rolled® to your exact gauge requirements, Custom Rolled® means more parts per pound!

Increase Production Speed

Consistency and close tolerance. That’s what today’s high speed equipment demands for profitable aluminum part production. United Aluminum’s Sendzimir mills deliver you the closest gauge tolerances possible, to 1/4 commercial.

  • Increase machine speed and throughput
  • Minimize machine downtime and adjustments
  • Extend tool life
  • Produce difficult parts with ease!

Make Money

How can you MAKE money with Custom Rolled® Coil? Consider the savings if you:

  • Produce more aluminum parts per pound
  • Increase production speeds and rely on the tightest tolerance and most consistent rolled aluminum coils
  • Reduce downtime and adjustments
  • Order any quantity and get the same level of service United Aluminum’s customers expect
  • Don’t buy minimum aluminum coil quantities you don’t need

Custom Rolled® Aluminum Coil produces more parts per pound.

The difference between United's Tight Tolerance and highly consistant gauge and typical 4-high mills is evident.

Custom Rolled ® Aluminum Coil Makes Money by increasing parts per pound.